“If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.”


Our products

“Eating is a necessity, eat intelligently is an art.” F. de La Rochefoucauld

Nonna Armida produces different types of products: Fugasette, Focaccia with Cheese, bread Clouds, Focaccia.

The fugasette is a typical peasant dish from the Ligurian cuisine, so humble and simple that, at first, versions were practically empty and consumed fried as an accompaniment to boiled cabbage: black and dressed with oil sturbiu, which is the waste product in the production of olive oil. Over time fugasette has been enhanced with stracchino (soft cheese and very creamy) and then with other ingredients. The accompaniment of the most well-known international chefs and collaboration with my group led me to a bring about tasty fillings either for savoury or sweet versions.

Focaccia with Cheese is another simple dish of Ligurian origin. Legend says that it was created by coastal citizens in hinterland where they had taken refuge to escape the Saracens pirates. These are two very thin sheets which enclose a filling based on cheese and which is cooked in the oven. The version of Nonna Armida is provided in the classic flavours as well in Pizzata and in gastronomical proposal.

The recipe of the Clouds of bread by Nonna Armida dates back to 1800 when this bread was prepared by the wives and mothers of fishermen so that they may have a product that will remain soft for several days as you could not predict how long the stay in sea would be. Nowadays as before skilled hands kneed the dough so that it is very soft and airy. The extra rising and baking stone give a unique fragrance and softness that lasts long in the bread: so light that it gives a cloud-like sensation. The bread is formed in accordance with the size and shape required by the customer. It can be used as a side-dish to main meals, accommodate hearty sauces and stews, accompany meat, burgers or just fresh vegetables.

The focaccia is another thing. It is different to what everyone knows generally speaking. A Genovese person loves this cake regardless and would never give it up. Here in Genova, focaccia is a symbol of being or feeling Genovese: a symbol that makes us start the day anew.

The focaccia has a long history, following you since early childhood. Mothers give children small pieces of cake to eat even if they are still teething.

Focaccia has always been the breakfast for those who wake at dawn and it is still for many. They enjoying tasting it seasoned with oil and salt or especially dipped in the milk. Being the food of sailors and fishermen, focaccia apparently owes it to the long waiting times that the bakers faced during the nights of work and hours deceived by firing directly on the oven floor pieces of unleavened dough. Once cooked they were eaten by all.

The classic focaccia of Genova must have the thickness between one and two centimetres, glossed with oil and never pale and clear. The surface is characterised by the presence of “navels” filled with olive oil. Focaccia of Nonna Armida is produced in the classical style, with sage, onions, olives and vegetables.

All the processes are made using natural, stone ground flour, cheese, oil, salt, meat slices and vegetables which are carefully selected and absolutely through Italian production.

Fugasette salate

  • Salted  
  • Classic pesto  
  • Classic truffle  
  • Gorgonzola  
  • Gorgonzola and walnuts  
  • Gorgonzola and radicchio  
  • Caprese  
  • Mozzarella and anchovies  
  • Pizza  
  • Toast  
  • Toast smoked ham and smoked cheese  
  • Parmesan  
  • Aubergine cream with thyme  
  • Aubergine cream with marjoram  
  • Capponata  
  • Peppers  
  • Cipollata (onions)  
  • Red onion (Tropea)  
  • Leeks and sauce  
  • Pumpkin cream  
  • Cream of porcini mushrooms  
  • Cream of zucchini  
  • Cream of broccoli  
  • Speck and brie  
  • Ricotta and spinach  
  • Pasqualina  
  • Chard  
  • Ham and mushrooms  
  • Pear and taleggio  
  • Black kale oil sturbio  

Fugasette dolci

  • Nutella  
  • Custard  
  • Custard apples and cinnamon  
  • Chocolate custard  
  • Custard and drops of dark cioccolalto  
  • Lemon custard raisins and pine nuts  
  • Pears and chocolate custard  
  • Custard and strawberries  
  • Custard and cherries  
  • Custard and raspberries  
  • Custard and berries  
  • Nutella and candied orange peel  
  • Ricotta and honey  
  • Cream coffee  
  • Pistachio cream  
  • Macaroons and peaches  
  • Hazelnut cream  
  • Lemon cream and pine nuts  
  • Figs and walnuts  
  • Jams  
  • Dark chocolate cream  
  • White chocolate cream  
  • Seadas  

Focaccia with Cheese

  • Classic stracchino  
  • Gorgonzola  
  • Pizza  
  • Pizza with gorgonzola cheese  
  • Classic pesto  
  • Classic black truffle  
  • Stracchino and anchovies  
  • Stracchino and mushrooms  


  • Salted  
  • Salvia  
  • Onion  
  • Spring onion  
  • Rosemary  
  • Tomatoes  
  • Green/black olives  
  • Peppers  
  • Red onion (Tropea)  
  • Mushrooms  


  • Figs  
  • Raisin  
  • Pepper  
  • Bacon  
  • Red onion (Tropea)  
  • Spring onion  
  • Olives  
  • Aromatic herbs