“The world is in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and run the risk of living their dreams.”

P. Coelho

About us

“Man is what he eats.” L. Feuerbach

My name is Andrea Viacava and I am a dreamer who's passionate about food and manic about quality. I spent most of my life in the kitchen and still do. In fact, my job is a Kitchen Designer. I wanted to carry out a new project by expressing quality through the concept of street food. So with a group of dreamers alike, we brought about “Nonna Armida”: a laboratory of ideas where ancient traditions and recipes are enhanced thanks to a careful selection of ingredients, including the main one - our passion.

The History

“The food of the future is one that has a long history.”

Nonna Armida was the grandmother of all the district, but most importantly she was my grandmother! Born in the previous century she had the mentality projected two centuries into the future and she has always been my guide when she was with us and always will be... One night I dreamed that Grandma Armida told me these words:

Andrea...vanni a fa de fugasette che a Lalla Rosa a se ghe acata di sciiti!

Which translated from Genovese means:

Go to make fugasette that Aunt Rose (my aunt owns the renowned namesake Trattoria on the heights of Sori) she buys apartments!

Team members

Main core of our company is our team, see the best people we have.

Andrea Viacava

Executive Chef

Federica Leone

Lady Chef

Paolo Sorrentino

Senior Chef

Walter Osler

Jolly Chef