“Good food is the foundation of true happiness.”

A. Escoffier


“Eating - it's incorporating a territory.” Jean Brunhes

Ligurian cuisine is known primarily for pesto sauce made from basil, olive oil, pine nuts, salt, garlic, pecorino, parmesan and traditional focaccia. Our philosophy is to introduce an attentive audience to quality and tradition, as well as to products from humble origins which are still made by hand according to ancient customs. These products contain flavours and fragrances made from ingredients which came about from research and selection of raw materials that follow both seasonality and territory.


“Whoever has control of technology has the world in their hands.”

The production of fugasette is made according to precise precepts of tradition and the use of raw materials selected and tested by our chefs. The dough produced with a mix of flour calibrated to resist the cold chain is carefully filled with folded hands, then it's cut and frozen in high efficiency freezers. Later on the products are packed and stored directly in cells at low temperature (cold chain).

Our mission

“Chi mangia troppo in fretta si morde le dita.”

Nonna Armida's goal is to create a new concept of food by offering a new approach, where the quality of the food is at the heart of the project, whether it is consumed on the street or enjoyed comfortably at the table. At fugasette it is flanked focaccia with cheese produced in its traditional taste with stracchino (soft cheese), but also as a pizza and with gorgonzola (blue cheese) in addition to other gourmet proposals.